Hip-Hop has evolved from the era of brash lyricism, into catchy hooks and melodies. Many artists adapted to either or, Lew Sid however displays a mixture of both.


His latest project “Saga One”, is a 10 track EP featuring all original production capturing various feels and vibes. The piece displays the many layers of Lew as an artist from his lyrical abilities, to his creative melodies, all the way down to his love for singing as well. In every track though he captures a vibe, tells a story or elaborates on a mood, aiming to inspire that feeling in his listeners. The title was a reflection of that, being his first journey through those layers as an artist, or his first ‘Saga’.


Hailing from Virginia Beach, Clinton Cuffee aka ‘Lew Sid’, is an artist with a unique approach to his blend of old school warmth and modern punch. His music has a deep connection with his thoughts, mood, and personality aiming to spread positive vibes and energy. Passionate music is a thing he takes pride in making, also providing thought provoking lyrics and deliveries that keep you hooked.


He was raised in the era where bars mattered, lunch table rap cyphers is a key past time of his and was really where he discovered his ability to rhyme. So he takes pride in still delivering lyrically, but also mastering that catchy hype vibe that Hip-Hop evolved into to and adopted. Some of his earliest influences include artists like Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, and Busta Rhymes. What sets Lew apart is that unique blend of lyricism and the ability to make out of the box music that listeners have to adapt to. Versatility is one of his strongest attributes as an artist.


In 2012, while attending Howard University as a student-athlete for Basketball, Lew was awarded first place in the ‘Howard’s Hottest’ music competition in Blackburn. His performance of an early record ‘Fall Back’ over Kendrick Lamar’s “HiiiPower’ took the judges and crowd by storm. In late October of 2015, Lew released the single for ‘Saga One’, a Paul Cabbin produced record titled “Whole Squad”. The record quickly caught fire in the 757 area of VA earning radio play, spins in the local night clubs, and being featured as the warm-up music for his hometown high school Green Run. It then grew outside the area to clubs in NC, NY, DC, and even began being played at Portland Trailblazers NBA home games by their official DJ OG One. To date, “Whole Squad” has over 78,000 streams on Spotify, over 100,000 thousand plays collectively, and was recognized by Norfolk, VA’s own 103 Jamz radio station as the number 3 record of 2016. The video was posted to WorldStarHipHop where it picked up over 22,000 views in one day via some very smart and enticing marketing.


Lew has been featured in numerous Hip-Hop blogs, some include Thisis50, HypeFreshMag, and HipHopSince1987. He’s touched the stage at SXSW in 2016 and performed as the headliner via SonicBids at Apache Café in Atlanta, GA. 2017 looks to be a major year for Lew continuing to spread his ‘Saga One’ EP through visuals and perfomances. A joint work with his indie label Aspire to Inspire Music Group is also in the works. Be on the lookout for the tremendous things to come from this talented young artist.